Odyssey Expeditions Adventure Voyages in the British Virgin Islands

Sailing, Scuba Diving, Marine Biology Adventures for all skill and experience levels

Odyssey Expeditions Adventure Programs offer the broadest range of adventure, sail and SCUBA training, and marine biology discoveries aboard fast, safe, and comfortable catamarans. We have programs for teens and college students grouped on separate catamarans so that everyone is with their own peers. No experience is necessary for the Discovery programs, or advance your sailing and SCUBA skills on an Advanced Adventure. For those ready to become dive professionals, go Adventure Pro and earn the PADI Divemaster rating. All programs include exciting specialty SCUBA training like Night Diver and Wreck Diver.  Join us on our 11th year of exploring the BVI's!


For those without prior SCUBA experience, this program features sail training, PADI Open Water and Advanced SCUBA certifications, and marine biology. Initial dive training takes place with small groups in shallow, calm, and clear waters and progresses at your own pace. After certification, explore the spectacular walls, pinnacles, seamounts and shipwrecks throughout the archipelago. You will begin advancing your diver education with exciting night dives and learn about the underwater realm during underwater naturalist dives. Marine biology activities, water sports, and island adventures enhance your voyage.

PADI Open Water Sail Training and Seamanship
PADI Advanced Watersports- Skiing, Boarding, Kayaking
Night Diver, Underwater Naturalist Island Exploration, Rainforest Treks
20+ Dives, 4 Scuba Certifications Marine Biology Program

Advanced Adventure

Exciting SCUBA-intensive learning adventures for those who already have their Open Water Diver certification. Whether novice or advanced, this program builds upon the skills of all divers. Students may earn Advanced and Rescue Diver certifications and choose from a broad selection of specialty diver certifications. Get ready to explore spectacular shipwrecks, reefs, walls and pinnacles. Advanced Adventure voyages feature our marine biology and sail training programs, with an emphasis on diving and maximum SCUBA certifications to qualify for the prestigious and distinctive PADI Master Diver certification.

PADI Advanced Diver Sail Training and Seamanship
PADI Rescue Diver Watersports- Skiing, Boarding, Kayaking
3 PADI Specialty Certifications Island Exploration, Rainforest Treks
30+ Dives, 5 Scuba Certifications Marine Biology Program

Adventure Pro

Take the challenge of becoming a dive professional. This intensive program leads to professional membership as a Divemaster with PADI. Sailing with the Discovery voyage participants, you will have hands-on training with students in confined and open-water environments. This is an excellent opportunity if you are considering a career in the diving industry as it exposes you first hand to the operation of a PADI training facility. Our instructors work closely with you to develop your supervision skills and diving knowledge to prepare you for working as a divemaster or taking the PADI Instructor Development Course. During your training, enjoy lots of awesome extracurricular dives as well fully participating in our sail training and marine biology programs as well as earning your choice of PADI specialty certifications.

PADI Divemaster Sail Training and Seamanship
PADI Specialties Watersports- Skiing, Boarding, Kayaking
Internship Credit Island Exploration, Rainforest Treks
30+ Dives, 3 Scuba Certifications Marine Biology Program