Adventure Voyages- Discovery

No Experience Necessary for Sailing, Scuba Diving, Marine Biology Adventures in the BVI's

Discovery Voyages

For those without prior SCUBA experience, this program features sail training, PADI Open Water and Advanced SCUBA certifications, and marine biology. Initial dive training takes place with small groups in shallow, calm, and clear waters and progresses at your own pace. After certification, explore the spectacular walls, pinnacles, seamounts and shipwrecks throughout the archipelago. You will begin advancing your diver education with exciting night dives and learn about the underwater realm during underwater naturalist dives. Marine biology activities, water sports, and island adventures enhance your voyage.

PADI Open Water Sail Training and Seamanship
PADI Advanced Watersports- Skiing, Boarding, Kayaking
Night Diver, Underwater Naturalist Island Exploration, Rainforest Treks
20+ Dives, 4 Scuba Certifications Marine Biology Program

Discover Adventure Programs in the British Virgin Islands
VoyageAgeTrip CodeDatesDaysTuition
DiscoveryMiddle School 13-14DIS11June 14 - July 421 $5190
High School 15-17DIS12June 14 - July 421 $5190
College 17-24DIS13June 14 - July 421 $5190
Middle School 13-14DIS21July 6 - July 2621 $5190
High School 15-17DIS22July 6 - July 2621 $5190
College 18-24DIS23July 6 - July 2621 $5190
Middle School 13-14DIS31July 28 - August 1721$5190
High School 15-17DIS32July 28 - August 1721$5190
College 18-24DIS33July 28 - August 1721$5190

Sample Itinerary
Days 1-4

Arrive into Tortola, the capital and largest or the islands, with beautiful white sand beaches and tall rugged mountains. Your first days are busy meeting your fellow shipmates, settling aboard and preparing for diving. After a sailing lesson and getting to know your Moorings sailing catamaran, hoist your mainsail and point across the wind to Norman Island for snorkeling in the Pirate Caves (which were the inspiration for the novel Treasure Island). Check-out dives get you comfortable with your skills if it's been a while since you last blew bubbles underwater, or learn to dive in the calm and protected waters of White Bay and discover how easy and comfortable SCUBA diving is. You soon master your basic SCUBA skills and begin working on topics such as underwater navigation and wreck diving. You are settling into life aboard and having a blast.

Days 5-9

Learn all about tacking upwind as we head to Virgin Gorda for excellent water-sports opportunities in the protected bays and climbing amongst the gravity-defying jumble of massive granite boulders stacked high along the ocean's edge at the Baths. Splash into emerald pools of water at Fallen Jerusalem before donning night diving gear for underwater exploration at Mt. Point where octopuses are abundant. Check out the cool shops at Spanish Town, then hike to the rocky intertidal for biology investigations and assist in a community service effort to clean up the shoreline from plastic debris. We start developing our fish and creature identification skills with our resident marine biologist. Multimedia presentations and underwater communications units aid us in our knowledge quest of SCUBA and biology.

Days 10-13

Trim your sails early for a fast sunrise sail taking us across the wind 20 miles north to fabulous Anegada. We make a race between the boats in getting their first, so sail fast! A "kick-back sand-attack" day of barrier reef exploration, flamingo spotting, beach volleyball and hammock siestas awaits. The reef is full of amazing arches and passages where we often see nurse sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. Departing, we are summoned, like all the marine life for miles around, to the 247-foot sunken freighter, the Chikuzen, where we blow bubbles under a spiraling circle of barracuda and jacks and watch for the massive 400-pound Goliath Grouper. This wreck beckons marine life from miles away and is a great place to get some awesome photos with a digital camera (helpful to get people to believe that the grouper really was that big!)

Days 14-17

Guana Island is great for water skiing, wake boarding, and kayaking in its perfectly calm waters. Underneath the surface we explore Grand Central Station cavern where nurse sharks are commonly seen (they don't bite). Hiking ashore brings us to a vista overlooking the Atlantic with expansive views. At sunset, be sure to sit with your friends at the front of your boat to watch for the green flash. Night dive in a rocky outcropping filled with a carnival of fishes and invertebrates. Your team has really come together; it's time to go ashore for an evening of reggae dancing and steel drums. Hike to the top of the Virgin Islands at Tortola's Mt. Sage National Park and explore the rainforest permeated by the smell of its namesake. You're not too old to play at Green Cay's Playgrounds, a dive site where we often come face to face with dolphins and see elegant eagle rays gliding by. Do a reef fish survey for project REEF and help science.

Days 18-21

Along the desert island of Tobogo, we hike to the bird colony to watch pelican, frigate, and tropic birds dive-bomb for fish. The diving is fantastic with sheer walls covered with black coral and sleepy nurse sharks slumbering under the reef ledges. Congratulations, you are quite the diver now, we finish up our Advanced and Rescue diver certifications and head in to West End, the pastel enclave, to refill on ice-cream before performing a perfect series of fast tacks with your now smoothly operating crew beating upwind through the Narrows. While the end is near, the diving still gets better exploring a series of shipwrecks including the historic RMS Rhone, possibly the worlds best wreck dive. Visit a secret wall of black coral and maybe drift-dive the crystalline blue-water south of Norman Island to spot big pelagics. Have a farewell pizza bash ashore and reminisce with your new close friends on the fantastic adventures shared together.