Sailing, Marine Biology, Scuba Diving, Environmental Service, Island Exploration

Odyssey Expeditions brings you safe, educational, exciting adventure activites to your summer!

Sailing, Scuba Diving, and Marine Biology

One day you are hiking through a dense tropical rain forest up to the rim of a volcano, the next you are diving along the edge of a vibrant coral reef with a deep blue abyss below you. You investigate fateful events on sunken ships, meet the locals in open-air markets, and come face to face with exotic fishes all while learning about sailing, underwater exploration and marine biology.

Voyages are full participatory experiences. Along with your shipmates, you are part of the 'crew in training,' sharing the responsibilities of running the vessel. A daily rotation of positions, including skipper, navigator, sail trimmer, scientist, divemaster, historian, chef and the ever important dishwasher, allow you to learn a broad range of skills and contribute positively to the group and voyage. Sailing is our means of transport, and we will sail to almost every island in each region. Learn how to take charge of the vessel, with the ultimate goal of having your 'crew in training' self sufficient by the end of the voyage. No experience is necessary; even if you don't know your Jib Sheet from your bed sheet, you will soon be able to command 'Jibe Ho' as you set the vessel up for a fast tack along the tradewinds. Learn to set and strike the sails, trim them for optimal speed, navigate using GPS and dead reckoning and set anchor.

We explore above, below, and around the islands with encompassing itineraries that bring us to all that is unique and fascinating. Biologists and naturalists provide interpretation and insight along the way. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities. On some days, you wake at the crack of dawn and set sail to a distant dive site, and others begin with a reef diversity survey or SCUBA skills lesson. With two to three dives a day, you have ample opportunity to get to know the locals who do not come up for air!

If you want to learn about the oceans first-hand, to see the marvels with your own eyes, and to discover how science actually works, then you are in the right place. This is a voyage in the spirit of Darwin and Cousteau. Trace out ecological niches, witness territories defended, watch predator and prey interactions and the battle of sharp eyes and discreet camouflage, ponder the roles and challenges of the reef's players, and even conduct an experiment to shed light on your theories. All while making great new friends!