What is Odyssey Expeditions

Marine Biology, Sailing, Scuba Diving Educational Adventure For Teens and College Students

We are dedicated to the mental and spiritual growth of our participants in the hopes that we can help create a world of tomorrow where our citizens understand the complexity and importance of the natural world and with their understanding and appreciation will work to help protect the biodiversity of our planet with commitment and compassion.

We believe that bringing together motivated students with talented scientists, naturalists, and explorers we can light the spark of ah and wonderment that will last a lifetime.

Exploring the world firsthand rather than on television or the internet is truly much more rewarding, stimulating, and challenging. Our goal is to introduce the remarkable natural wonders of the reefs and sea in a direct participatory way so that our students can understand and relate to the non-human world of the seas.

Through sailing and science, our teachers demonstrate how we can make effective choices in our lives, how we can gather the energy around us and guide us to our goals, how we can achieve our goals and live our dreams. We stress through sailing how by setting goals and standing at the helm of our lives, we can easily or with difficulty reach our destination. Many obstacles or assistances will come our way, but the journey is the purpose and the goal is only a heading. We correct for each wave and adjust for each windshift and avoid the islands and we can accomplish anything just by keeping our path true.