Windward Islands SEA Voyages- Service, Education, and Adventure

Explore St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada

Map of the Windward Islands

The Windward Islands archipelago stretches 300 miles from Dominica to Grenada and includes magnificent Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These islands are an adventurer's dream paradise with incredible sailing opportunities, diving on pristine and diverse reefs, walls, and shipwrecks, fantastic island exploration, hiking in rainforests, climbing majestic volcanoes, and swimming under hot-spring waterfalls. The islanders are warm and welcoming, and the islands themselves are unspoiled and safe.

The diving is outstanding and off the beaten track of tourism. Encounters with huge schools of fish and big pelagic animals like dolphins and rays are commonplace. Much of the area is protected by marine conservation zones and marine parks which help to preserve the phenomenal natural beauty. Marine life rarely seen elsewhere are frequently sighted here including the small, but spectacular, seahorses, frogfish, and flying gurnards.

Ashore there is an abundance of adventure opportunities including exploring old forts, even the set for Pirates of the Caribbean's Port Royal, and shopping in charming towns full of rich history and cultural heritage. The sailing is unmatched, with steady tradewinds and spectacular inter-island passages. Master the navigation and seamanship aboard the catamaran, your comfortable home for exploring these spectacular islands. You will truly experience the Caribbean the way it is meant to be explored and make great friends along the way!

Odyssey offers S.E.A. Voyages in the Windward's on two distinct, 21 -day one-way itineraries, Southbound from St Lucia and Northbound from Grenada, both with extensive exploration of St Vincent and the many islands of the Grenadines included in the itinerary.

Northbound S.E.A. Voyages
Southbound S.E.A. Voyages
Service - corals, dolphins, sea turtles, reef fish environmental service projects
Education- marine biology course
Adventure- SCUBA diving, sailing, island exploration, watersports