SCUBA Dive, Sail, Explore the Windward Islands archipelago, and learn about Marine Biology, Hands-on!

Fascinated with the tropical reefs and marine creatures or interested in a career in the marine sciences? Our Special Explorer voyage is a unique opportunity to earn environmental service hours and academic credit while adventuring throughout the amazing Windward Islands archipelago. Explorer Voyage offer you a great opportunity to learn about marine biology, sailing, and SCUBA diving, and make the most of your summer on a rewarding and educational adventure of a lifetime!

SERVICE These voyages focus on coral reef related environmental service throughout the Windward Islands. Working with the marine parks and international monitoring organizations, we conduct surveys on wild dolphin populations we encounter sailing, coral health assessments using photographic map building techniques, coral reef fish counts and project Reef Check in St. Vincent, and assist coral rehabilitation efforts in Bequia.

EDUCATION Coral reef biology and ecology education programs. Discover the deeply interconnected ways the coral, invertebrates, and fishes work together in amazing efficiency. Aboard your vessel are microscopes and lab equipment and a staff of enthusiastic marine biologists ready to teach you how to collect scientifically sound ecological data as you explore your interest in a science career or just enjoy learning about the unique aspects of the reefs creatures. Learn to identify the top 25 corals and their common ailments as well as over 100 reef fishes in preparation for conducting biodiversity surveys of the reefs for the Reef Check initiative and add to the project REEF database. During this process you will learn about coral aggression, learn about coral Black Band disease, and discover the different coral growth forms. The behaviors of coral reef fishes are as vivid as their colors, and you will learn about their unique methods of mate selection and attraction, avoiding predation, and finding and obtaining dinner. You develop your skills in implementing the accepted protocols and methods of conducting field surveys to assess the health of fish, coral, and dolphin populations. All educational programs are taught in a hands-on approach in which you gain knowledge by doing, seeing and experiencing.

ADVENTURE Sailing throughout the archipelago, diving the coral walls, pinnacles, and reefs, exploring shipwrecks, hiking through the rain forest jungles, refreshing in hot spring waterfalls and experiencing the culture and beauty ashore is sure to satisfy the explorer within you. With lots of SCUBA and FreeDiving included, you can earn multiple PADI SCUBA certifications including Advanced, Drift Diver, Night Diver, Fish ID and optional courses like Digital Underwater Photography. We live aboard sailing catamarans and sail the blue passages between the islands. You are the crew, learning to raise and lower the sails, navigate, be the helmsman, and drop the anchor all in time for stand up paddleboarding.

These exciting 21 day voyages sail between Grenada and St Lucia, visiting St Vincent and the Grenadines along the way. Fly in to Grenada July 16 and Depart from St Lucia August 5

Trip Details

  • 21 Days
  • 5 PADI SCUBA Certifications

    • For divers who are aldready Open Water Certified:
    • Advanced Open Water Diver
    • Rescue Diver Diver
      • Emergency First Responder
      • Emergency Oxygen Use
    • Night Diver Specialty
    • Drift Diver Specialty
    • Fish ID Specialty

    • For divers who are new to SCUBA Diving:
    • PADI Open Water
    • PADI Advanced Open Water
    • Night Diver Specialty
    • Drift Diver Specialty
    • Fish ID Specialty
  • 26-32 SCUBA Dives
  • Sail Training and Seamanship
  • Leadership Skills
  • Watersports - Motorized and Nonmotorized
  • Island Exploration
  • Rain Forest Treks
  • Marine Biology Program
  • Coral Rehabilitation Project
  • Underwater Media Production

Odyssey Expeditions SEA Voyages Itinerary Map

Choose a Date

  • July 16 - August 5 Northbound
    Grenada to St. Lucia
$3,375 USD Special Discounted Tuition (Save 50% for remaining 2023 berths)

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Learning Marine Biology is FUN!

Day by Day Adventures

Day 1-4

You arrive into Grenada and meet your fellow crewmemebers. You learn about your 45-foot sailing catamaran and the we cast-off, raise the mainsail, and head to Molinaire Point where the diving ramps up the excitement upon arrival to the 'Spice Island' of Grenada. Dive in an underwater art exhibit of hundreds of statues as you investigate the world's largest underwater sculpture garden. We have a choice of a few more amazing shipwrecks to dive before heading ashore towards the fragrance of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. Beautiful mountainous Grenada has rich culture and history to discover as we explore quaint colonial towns, visit Fort Frederick high in the mountains, and shop in traditional straw markets for unusual gifts.

Day 5-8

You will investigate bioluminescence during night dives and witness the changing of the guard of the reef fishes from the diurnal herbivores to the nocturnal predators as we dive some of the worlds best reefs. Learn a bit about digital underwater photography as we continue our investigations in marine biology. Analyze the feeding habits and life cycles of the coral reef fishes and learn about fish count methods, transect lines, and other tools of marine research. The reefs here are optimal for perfecting fish identification while exploring their unique niches and behaviors. In the southern Grenadines we dive the Sisters, Big Blue, and Kick 'Em Jenny, which offer fantastic opportunities to see pelagic fishes, swim in underwater caverns, and look over the abyss. The sailing is fantastic, and we are becoming quite accomplished sailors.

Day 9-11

The Grenadines offer us many small keys with rolling hills and picturesque villages. We visit Bequia, a relaxed island with gingerbread-trimmed houses and home to the traditional fishing and whaling industries. The diving in the Grenadines is exciting, with encounters of large pelagic fishes and pristine reefs. We explore throughout the many islands, diving, hiking, and watersports as well as shopping and a few visits ashore to eat amazing local cuisine.

Day 12-15

The Tobogo Cays are the quintessential postcard-perfect paradise with palm-lined cays and white sand beaches. We assist the Tobogo Cays Marine Park rangers with REEF surveys as we explore this horseshoe shaped barrier reef, and watch hawksbill and green sea turtles forage in the shallow sea grass beds. Venturing ashore we spot wild iguanas and tortoises. We are getting quite adept at Freediving, with new skills you never thought possible! For the adventurous, try your luck stand up paddleboarding in the calm waters behind the reef. We dive at the remote bird nesting colony at Sail Rock where spotted eagle rays and sharks glide overhead. You are learning quite a lot of the running of your catamaran and can now navigate, trim the sails, anchor, and watch the helm while learning all about sailing and seamanship.

Day 16-18

St Vincent has spectacular wall dives including the lava flows of 'Mystery Reef' where you may find camouflaged frogfish, batfish, flying gurnards, and more, we even dive through a bat cave! Anchor and spend the night in the most beautiful place known as Petit Byahaut Ashore we explore the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set and hike to a beautiful waterfall. You learn about Night Diving and nocturnal marine life as well as conducting underwater research activities on coral reef and fishes and contribute to conservation projects.

Day 19-21

You arrive St Lucia after an exciting ocean passage. You explore a hot spring waterfall ashore before Drift Diving at 'Supermans Flight', a high-current coral wall underneath the Pitons in the SMMA marine park, then relax with a hike through jungle-covered botanical gardens for a soak in the volcanic hot springs.We have explored an arc of the Caribbean, contributed to reef conservation, and made great friends! For those still seeking adventure, you may optionally go zip-lining through the rainforest canopy. Lastly, enjoy a farewell pizza party ashore.

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To take the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, you must be:

  • A PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  • For safety, all students complete a brief scuba Medical Statement (PDF) that asks about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving. If none of these apply, you sign the form and you're ready to start. If any of these apply to you, as a safety precaution your physician must assess the condition as it relates to diving and sign a medical form that confirms that you're fit to dive.

What people say

"Thanks go to YOU and everyone at Odyssey for providing such an awesome experience for Robbie! He has been talking about it non stop. He loved his counselors, the dives, the beauty of the islands and his shipmates. I loved the fact that he came home safe and sound!! Cheers to a job well done." ~ Janet P.

"As expected, Allie had the trip of a lifetime, and was weepy for days and days after getting home, because she was no longer with her new best friends in one of the most beautiful places in the world. She's really looking forward to sharing the photos. She loved everything about the trip and has kept in contact with her shipmates.
Thank you for walking me through everything when I was trying to pull it all together at such a late date; you made me feel very comfortable sending my child off on her journey, and I appreciated your time and accessibility, and the quality of the trip.
~ Jan S.

"This is simply a "Thank you". My daughter, Lauren, attended Odyssey nearly 6 years ago, and we're still hearing about it today. Now, she's in her senior year at UCSD, as bio major and philosophy minor. She's PreMed and plans to take her MCAT's at the end of this year. In the midst of that, she managed to squeak in her Divemaster certification. She often refers to that trip as her leap into "adulthood." It was her first trip away by herself, and the confidence she came back with, has remained constant. I often recommend Odyssey to other parents. We usually get props for being cool enough parents to let our daughter go, but in all honesty, we had initially sought out your program at the strong suggestion of our neighbor, a Marine Biology instructor. He appealed to my husbands frugal side by telling him to let her see the ceiling because marine biology as a major has a high drop out rate, and not a lot of transferable credit toward another major. My husband saw the cost of your course as an easier chunk to swallow than a couple of years worth of tuition. Had we known what an impact it would have on her, there would have never been any debating or hesitating." ~ Jamie H.

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